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Character breakdown

The Music Man ... the classic stage musical that follows con man Harold Hill as he arrives in the small town of River City, Iowa. Posing as a traveling music professor, Hill convinces the townsfolk to invest in a boys' band, promising to transform their children into virtuoso musicians. However, Hill has no intention of delivering on his promise and plans to skip town with the money. As he becomes more entangled with the community, Hill unexpectedly finds himself falling for the local librarian, Marian Paroo.


Character breakdown: (ages are of the character, not the actor)

Harold Hill  (30-45) Charismatic, charming, fast-talking (literally) traveling salesman who swindles as well as he seduces. Gets more than he bargained for when he falls for Marian.

Marian Paroo  (21-35) Smart, independent, standoffish librarian who doesn’t quite fit in with the other ladies of River City. A so-called “old maid” who holds her head high and stubbornly holds out for the right man.

Marcellus Washburn (25-40) Former con man and old friend of Harold Hill. Trying to settle down and live an honest life with Ethel. Big and boisterous, high-energy.

Mrs. Paroo (40 +) Warm and loving but unfailingly blunt Irish mother of Marian and Winthrop. Endlessly worries about Marian’s single-ness and has no qualms about meddling. Irish accent ideal.

Amaryllis (8 – 12) Young voice/piano student of Miss Marian who has a crush on Winthrop. Must be able to play or mime playing specific piano pieces.

Winthrop Paroo (8 – 12)  Shy, sensitive younger brother of Marian who has a pronounced lisp.

Mayor Shinn (45 +)  Eccentric, blustering, often tongue-tied mayor of River City. Like his wife, he greatly overestimates himself.

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn (40 +) An absurdly over-the-top and extremely self-important wife of Mayor Shinn. Has a love for the arts but greatly overestimates her own talent.

Ethel Toffelmier (25-35) Wholesome, simple player piano player and a Pickalittle lady. Marcellus's sweetheart.

Tommy Djilas (15-19) Young man from the wrong side of town who secretly romances Zaneeta Shinn, much to the mayor's dismay.

Zaneeta Shinn (15-19) Bubbly and zany eldest daughter of Mayor Shinn.

Pickalittle ladies (30 +) Maud Dunlop, Alma Hix, Mrs. Squires. Eulalie’s entourage and resident busybodies of River City.

Barbershop Quartet: (30 +) Jacey Squires, Ewart Dunlop, Oliver Hix, Olin Britt. Members of the River City school board who go from endless squabbling to perfect harmony.

Charlie Cowell (25 +) Travelling salesman with a personal grudge against Harold Hill who seeks to expose his scam. Slimy.

Ensemble (8 +)  The people of River City, traveling salesmen, and various other roles including conductor, constable, boys’ band, etc.

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