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Gomez Addams, Stage Age: 35-55. Great comedic timing and a strong dancer. Spanish accent is a plus!

Morticia Addams, Stage Age 35-55. Confident and sexy with a side of dry wit. She is a strong mover (tango skills a plus!)

Wednesday Addams, Stage Age: 18 – 22. Showcases compassion, a bit of stubbornness and strong will. She has a strong belt.

Pugsley Addams, Stage Age 10 – 13. Charming and funny, ideally with an unchanged singing voice.

Uncle Fester, Stage Age: 30-50. Lovable, childish, enthusiastic. Great comedic timing and a tenor voice. Ukulele skills a plus!

Grandma, Stage Age: 102. Fun, quirky and feisty.

Lurch, Stage Age: 25 – 50. A man of few words with a commanding presence and a rich bass voice.

Mal Beinecke, Stage Age 35 – 55. Uptight and cynical.

Alice Beinecke, Stage Age: 35 -55. Reserved and collected until she learns to unleash her wild side. A strong comedic actress with a strong belt.

Lucas Beinecke, Stage Age : 18 – 22. Optimistic and hopeful, strong singer.

The Ancestors, Stage Age: 16+, All vocal ranges, all genders; sing and dance through the entire show.

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